"Two of the most fulfilling things you can do in life are something you love, and something that matters."


Jimmy Farris understands what it means to dream big. He is a former Super Bowl Champion and NFL veteran of 6 seasons. He played wide receiver for the 49ers, Patriots, Falcons, and Redskins before retiring in 2009. 

Growing up in the small town of Lewiston, Idaho, Jimmy always believed that anything was possible...even playing in the NFL. His parents and family provided the support and encouragement that allowed him to dream BIG and set goals – two things he continues to do to this day.  


At the age of 10, Jimmy completed an assignment given by his 5th grade teacher to set a goal of what he wanted to achieve most in life. Without hesitation, he wrote that playing pro football was his ultimate dream. Unwavering self-belief and an insane work ethic enabled this crazy childhood dream to become a reality when Jimmy signed with the San Francisco 49ers. It was the accomplishment of one goal and the birth of many more.


"I feel like I've been blessed with a lot of things, so I also feel like a lot is expected of me. I always want to know that I've tapped out all of the abilities and resources that I have...then I'll be satisfied."

– Jimmy Farris


I cringe when people tell me that I'm self-made. They mean it as a complement, and I appreciate their kind words, but it couldn't be further from the truth. My story is about the power of people helping others fulfill their goals and dreams. I literally cannot count all of the people along the way who have helped me, invested in me, made sacrifices for me, and went to bat for me to ensure that I had certain opportunities. Sure, I worked my butt to be ready to take advantage of those opportunities, but it's because of the tireless work of countless others that those opportunities were even available to me.

When we have a big dream or goal and aren't sure how to make it a reality, that's when we need to lean on others to help us...to teach us how to do it and show us the way.

I remember being a kid and dreaming about playing in the NFL. I never thought for one second that it couldn't happen. But I realized quickly that I wouldn't be able to do it alone. I needed help from people who had done it before and knew what I needed to do to get there. I am forever grateful for those people that came into my life and did just that – showed me the way. 

That's why I do what I do now. I want people to know that if they have a dream and want to accomplish something or do more in life, there is someone here to help them. Someone who knows the feeling of having a huge goal that can seem out of reach at times.

If that's you, I'm here for you. I can help you get where you want to go, just like so many others have done for me.