Are Your Feelings Getting In The Way?

We all know people who are always getting ready to get started toward their goals.  The unemployed are going to find a job soon. The working class is getting ready to make the move from the night shift to the day shift. The middle class is going to start working on that graduate degree one of these days. Your best friend is going to start exercising and finally lose that weight...soon. All have good intentions, yet they rarely move beyond their intentions. They are always waiting and wondering when the time will be better for them to begin.

They are waiting for their emotions to motivate them to action, and as result, they become slaves to their feelings and often never begin at all. At some point, many of us have probably been one of these people; the procrastinator who is waiting to "feel" like taking action. 

Champions are masters of their emotions, and they know that waiting to feel like taking action is a losing proposition. - Steve Siebold

While it may seem like there is always tomorrow, putting it off one more day just isn't part of a winning formula. Champions believe there is never a better time to get started than today. They believe tomorrow is merely a promissory note; that any day could end up being their last. The great ones operate with a keen sense of urgency, dreaming of the future while firmly rooted in the present. This championship mindset is what separates them from the masses and ensures that not a day goes wasted.

During my days as an NFL wide receiver, there were countless mornings I didn't feel like getting out of bed at 6am to lift weights, run, lift more weights, and then run some more. The long offseason was filled with plenty of time to train. Getting started on my workouts for next season could have always waited one more week. There was no rush. Except, there was. Every day wasted was a day I couldn't get back. It was a day someone else was training and getting an advantage over me. A day they spent exercising greatness, while I was merely average. 

The average person is smart enough to make their dreams come true, yet they tend to wait so long to attempt anything substantial that, by the time they have failed enough to have learned the lessons they need to succeed, their life is over. Professional performers have a heightened sense of life's timeline and their actions reflect it. While the masses are waiting for the mood to strike them to act, the great ones start acting, regardless of whether they feel like or not. Bill Gove, the father of professional speaking, once said:

It's easier to act your way into good thinking than it is to think your way into good action. 

Champions embrace action and they know the motivation to continue will follow as result of getting started. This small distinction in their thought process makes the difference between living their dreams and dying with their masterpiece still inside them. 


Decide to develop the habit of not allowing your feelings to get in your way. Make a commitment to get started today, and continue the commitment for the next thirty days, regardless of whether you feel like it or not.